4 thoughts on “The Triumph of Achilles by Franz Matsch

    • Yes, Andrew. Achilles has just slain Hektor and is holding aloft the helmet of Hektor (which was in fact Achilles’ helmet that Patroklos earlier wore into battle and when he was killed by Hektor, Hektor stripped Patroklos of his armor and put it on). Achilles has avenged the death of Patroklos by killing Hektor, reclaiming his old set of armor, and has tied Hektor’s ankles to Achilles’ chariot. Hektor’s body is being dragged behind the chariot, and Automedon is Achilles’ chariot driver. Read this scene in the Iliad starting at
      Book 22, line 321.
      The full account can be read here: https://theshieldofachilles.net/disappearance/the-epic-death-of-achilles/
      Hope this helps!


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