About the Author and the Artist

The US Supreme Court in Washington DC features the litigation scene from the shield of Achilles on its massive front door. © Kathleen Vail, all rights reserved.

The US Supreme Court in Washington, DC features the litigation scene from Homer’s Shield of Achilles on its massive front door.
© Kathleen Vail, all rights reserved.

After eighteen years with the U. S. Department of Defense, Ms. Vail* has retired from her career as a New Media Designer/Developer/Author and Graphic Artist. Now free to use her talents and experience to support her life-long interest in ancient Greece, she is renovating her 2004 website, “In Search of Achilles’ Shield,” showcasing her artistic reconstruction of Achilles’ shield, as described in Homer’s Iliad.

Following her reconstruction of Achilles’ shield, Ms. Vail has addressed the Classical Association of Virginia, and the Richmond, VA chapter of the Mediterranean Society, as well as various other organizations, giving slide presentations of her shield and discussing her reconstruction. Several newspapers and other specialized news journals have also featured her work in their publications.

Recently moving to Egypt with her new husband, Kathleen has been freelance writing under the name of Aisha Abdelhamid for many online publications and websites. Her full author profile is at:

As a Graphic Artist and New Media Designer/Developer for the U.S. Department of Defence, a few of Ms. Vail’s more interesting titles include:
Personal Financial Management Authorized by Congress, and commissioned by the Department of Defense, this award winning ten-course training set is hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, and is mandatory training for all newly enlisted personnel of every branch of the military.

Naval Doctrine – The Capstone Publications An interactive New Media six-title set of the Navy’s capstone Doctrine Publications. Hosted by Hollywood movie and TV star, William Devane, these documentary style titles contain a treasury of archival war footage and are now under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Naval War College.

*Please note — Kathleen Vail is my legal birth name – I also publish under my legal Muslim name, Aisha Abdelhamid (you are invited to read more about my exciting life in Egypt at Aisha’s Oasis)


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