Shield Characters and References

Detail from the ancient Greek Black-Figure "Sophilos Dinos" (wine-bowl), ca. 580-570 BCE depicting the arrival of guests to the wedding of Thetis and Peleus, the future parents of Achilles. The first chariot in the procession is carrying Zeus and Hera, and the second is carrying Poseidon and Amphitrite. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Shield Characters, Scene References, and Bibliography

Brief introductions to the fascinating characters sharing a wide network of relationships with Achilles and his divine shield are offered below.

Additionally, historic and artistic references regarding individual scenes on the shield of Achilles are provided below, and a full bibliography of resources utilized in the course of this reconstruction of Achilles’ shield is offered, as well.

A Glossary of Ancient Greek Characters

Dismissed as absurd and childish imaginings by the modern, sophisticated reader, ancient Greek mythological figures are nevertheless partners in very real social relationships that shaped the very foundations of Western civilization. Peculiar in its ability to breach both physical and imaginary boundaries, the flexible network of ancient Greek…
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Scene References

Attempting to understand the environments that Homer is describing on the glorious shield which Hephaistos makes for Achilles requires an Olympic-size appetite for ancient Greek history. Fortunately, there is an endless line of voracious scholars stretching from ancient times till now with fascinating perspectives on the life and times…
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The topic of Homer’s shield created by Hephaistos for Achilles has captured the imaginations of scholars, students, civilians, and warriors throughout the ages.
The following bibliography represents the resources utilized in this reconstruction of Achilles’ shield but is in no way a complete representation…
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