The Epic Death of Achilles

the epic death of achilles

Vail’s colorized rendition of a B&W drawing of a lost Chalcidian Black-Figure Amphora from 540-530 BCE by the Inscriptions Painter depicting the epic death of Achilles. Note the arrow in Achilles’ ankle. Above Achilles stands Aias fighting off Paris with his bow still drawn.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

To Enlarge: Right-click on the image and select “open image in new tab”

4 thoughts on “The Epic Death of Achilles

  1. It says this is the rendition of a B+W drawing of a lost amphora. Do you know where I can find an image of the drawing? And where is it? Any information you can share about it would be very helpful.


    • If you click on the Wikimedia link for the file I colorized from the black and white image, the original source file is credited and linked. Here’s the description for the B&W image: The source of the original image is a drawing based on a lost Greek Vase from 540 BCE. A. Rumpf, Chalkidische Vasen (Berlin/Leipzig 1927), pl. 12 The vase was formerly in the Pembroke-Hope collection in Deepdene, England. See LIMC (Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae) “Achilleus” no. 850. See Kemp-Lindemann 220. (J. D.BEAZLEY ATTESTED LONG AGO THAT ONCE THIS AMPHORA WAS PEMBROKE, BUT NEVER HOPE!! — M. Iozzo). And here’s the link to the original B&W image:


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