The Mother of Big Fat Greek Weddings: Thetis & Peleus’ Wedding in Art Through the Ages

In the history of big fat Greek weddings, I'm pretty sure this is the mother of them all. There's never been a more celebrated wedding than the union of Thetis and Peleus, the parents-to-be of Achilles. Not just capturing the imaginations of ancient Greeks, generations of humans all over the earth have been happily ever after enjoying this magical...Continue Reading

Vail’s Shield of Achilles Featured in Catholic Faith & Culture Video Course

Vail's Shield of Achilles featured in University of Dallas Catholic Studies Video Course

Can you imagine my incredible surprise to discover a Catholic University interested in endorsing my reconstruction of Achilles' spectacular shield?! It was - and still is - indescribably delightful!! The University of Dallas Catholic Faith & Culture Program offers a higher level study of faith through video courses and it's a great honor for my reconstruction of the Shield of Achilles to be included in such a thoughtful and enlightening program....Continue Reading