“Then with effortless spins and dexterous handsprings, two tumblers joined the action, and the wide-eyed company cheered and laughed at their comical acrobatics …” —Continue Reading

Outer Ring: TUMBLERS

“And also in lines, they appeared as in ranks, and advanced upon each other …” —Continue Reading


“He fashioned there, also, a wide dancing floor, like the one in Knossos’ palace that Daidalos made for King Minos’ daughter, the beautiful Ariadne. Young men he pictured with noble young girls, all dancing there, hand in hand …” —Continue Reading


“The Bandy-legged god put next on the shield a wide valley with silvery sheep, a beautiful pasture with huts and sheds, and tidy sheepfolds fashioned …” —Continue Reading


“Then a pair of lions charged a bull: In two huge bounds assaulted, then dragged him off as he bellowed in fear, as the dogs and men pursued. The herdsmen commanded their hunting dogs as the lions tore into the …” —Continue Reading


“A herd of oxen he next placed there, with gold bodies and straight horns of tin. From stable to pasture they lowed and shambled, alongside a rippling river with swaying reeds and a sweet murmuring rising up from …” —Continue Reading

Outer Ring: COWHERDS

“A vineyard in gold he next created, with vines hung heavy with grapes; yet the hanging clusters appeared deep purple and draped on silver supports. The encircling channel appeared clear blue, and the fence around this …” —Continue Reading


“He also placed there a wealthy king’s field where men swung razor-sharp scythes, for here was pictured the mowing of grain, and harvesters bent to their tasks. Golden stalks were falling along the way and binders tied them …” —Continue Reading


“Hephaistos put next a freshly plowed field with many plowmen upon it. One guided his ox-team with care through the turn as he reached the wide field’s limit, and there, awaiting the hard-working man, was his friend with a …” —Continue Reading

Outer Ring: PLOWING

“Upon the riverbanks fighting began as foes threw spears at each other. Then Strife and Tumult entered the skirmish, together with terrible Fate, who kept barely living a man with wounds, and preserved another unwounded …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: BATTLE!

“The troops at the city walls heard the sounds of lowing and stampeding cattle, so climbing behind their brisk-trotting steeds, they raced …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: ALERT!

“In a sudden rush the signal blared and the raiding troop surprised them. Quickly they killed both herdsmen at once, and captured the frightened beasts. Then guiding the straying silver-grey sheep, others …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: ATTACK!

“Then the flocks and herds both came in view, followed by two men piping. In peace they trailed behind their beasts, with no hint of the imminent danger …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: HERDSMEN

“When the warriors came to their ambush point, a stream where flocks were watered, they hid together among bronze hills and stationed two lookouts at hand. There the two hid, awaiting the sight of the sheep and the …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: AMBUSH

“The men filed out through a secret gate led by Ares and Athena. So splendidly armed were these glorious two, ornate in immortal gold, that men were small in comparison …” —Continue Reading


“The townsmen were hungry, but bowing to neither, they quickly armed for a raid. Women and children kept watch from the walls, with men too old or disabled …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: ARMING

“Wartime, next, in the other city, displayed in preparedness: Two columns of well-armed troops surrounded the walls of a city for sieging. But they disagreed on the plan of action; some wished to conquer …” —Continue Reading

Middle Ring: SIEGE

“The Elders each sat in the sacred circle on seats of smooth-polished marble. The honored staff of the clear-speaking Herald each carried in his hand, and using it both for support and oration, each stood and spoke in turn…” —Continue Reading


“Then in the market, surrounded by men, two argued the blood-price for murder. The guilty man loudly claimed he would pay, but the other quickly decried him. They both demanded a verdict by judges, and crowds…” —Continue Reading

Inner Ring: CONFLICT

“Two cities he pictured, of eloquent men, each in well-rendered scenes; With weddings in one, and feasts awaiting as torchmen led brides from their homes. In front and behind the procession was growing…” —Continue Reading

Inner Ring: WEDDINGS