#TroyExhibition: Tweet & Photo Party!

Throwing a tweet & photo party feels way more fun than sitting around in my snow-bound home moping because I’m not at the British Museum enjoying the great Troy: Myth and Reality Exhibition.

Currently blowing the doors off the British Museum, Troy: Myth and Reality has been running since 21 November 2019 and will continue until 8 March 2020 in the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery. 

In the following post, I’ve collected a lot of great tweets with photos from fellow twitter-peeps who’ve been enjoying the #TroyExhibition and are generously sharing their views online. I’ve also interspersed photos from the pros at the British Museum, and a couple of eye-popping Instagram photos that will make you feel… sorta… like you’re there, too.

To set the stage, here’s the official description of Troy: Myth and Reality:

The legend of Troy has endured for more than 3,000 years.

The story of a great city, plunged into a 10-year war over the abduction of the most beautiful woman in the world, is irresistibly dramatic and tragic. This allure has sent adventurers and archaeologists in quest of the lost city, which is now widely believed to have existed.

But what of the heroes and heartbroken, women and wanderers, who are said to have played a part in the Trojan War? Why have they inspired so many retellings, from Homer to Shakespeare to Hollywood? Get closer to these captivating characters as you explore the breathtaking art that brings them to life, from dramatic ancient sculptures and exquisite vase paintings to powerful contemporary works.

You can also examine the fascinating archaeological evidence that proves there was a real Troy, offering tantalising hints at the truth behind the mythical stories.

From Helen of Troy’s abduction to the deception of the Trojan Horse and the fall of the city, tread the line between myth and reality in this phenomenal new exhibition.

Damn, I really want to see this! But… (Big Fat BUTT!) …since going there in person just isn’t working out for me, I believe the next best thing is throwing a Big Fat Party…

A #TroyExhibition Tweet & Photo Party!!!

Welcome to the party, y’all – virtual drinks and party foods are on the house!



Can you blame Paris? This portrait of Helen is quite stunning!

“Helen” by Edward Poynter [1836-1919] Watercolour and bodycolour on paper, 1887. Royal Collection Trust © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019. Source: British Museum


Roman sarcophagus lid, late 2nd century AD, marble, including detail of Hektor and Achilles. Photograph © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford. Source: British Museum



Priam and Achilles Roman silver cup 1st century AD National Museum of Denmark Photograph by Roberta Fortuna and Kira Ursem © National Museet Denmark. Source: British Museum

A great photo of a diagram of the Shield of Achilles from emiliegravity’s Instagram post of #TroyExhibition. (Screenshot) Link to her post here.


Here’s something else I think is really cool – a new representation of the Shield of Achilles, by Spencer Finch. This is quite intriguing, and I’m certain there’s going to be a new post coming soon about this. Stay tuned!

Isn’t that breathtaking?! Now I have to find out more about Spencer Finch!

Filippo Albacini (1777-1858), The Wounded Achilles,1825, marble, Chatsworth House. Photograph © The Devonshire Collections, Chatsworth. Reproduced by permission of Chatsworth Settlement Trustees. Source: British Museum


A great photo of Achilles from emiliegravity’s Instagram post of #TroyExhibition. (Screenshot) Link to her post here.

Emilie Nox (aka emiliegravity) really captured Achilles’ angst, didn’t she! Brava!

The night’s still young and we’re not ready to end this party on such a tragic note, right? So, okay,  let’s take a spin through a very special Ladies’ Gallery. It was curated, photographed, and showcased so beautifully by Emma Welsby, aka @Ros_Lanta:

So, okay, there is a lot of tragedy in the Trojan War. But we just keep celebrating it anyway, don’t we? Right here, right now, at this little virtual tweet & photo party, we’re occupying only a tiny little slice of time in the grand scheme of big fat celebrations reliving that original and truly epic gathering at Troy.

From the earliest of times – to farther into the future than you and I can imagine, tales of the Trojan War have and will continue to inspire creative human endeavors.

The British Museum’s Troy: Reality and Myth exhibit, and for that matter, even our little tweet & photo party is proof of that. Hollywood has been quite helpful, too:

And, if you’re a fan of the Hollywood movie, TROY, here’s a special surprise. Even if you’re already planning to go see Troy: Myth and Reality, this may motivate you even more:

The Iliad and Odyssey are timelessly awesome in their portrayals of life’s pinnacles and pitfalls. We experience Homer’s epic events with 3D glasses glued to our imaginations – we love to laugh and cry with the best and worst of the ancient Greeks and Trojans. We know them so well, they feel like family.

And, for me, what’s really remarkable is that Homer never manipulates us into taking sides. Some of us love Hektor better than Achilles. Some of us despise Achilles and some of us absolutely love him. Ask ten people what they think of Odysseus and you’ll get 15 answers.

Homer shows us the good side and the bad side of his characters and lets us choose our heroes for ourselves. What a genius!

Hey, everyone, grab a mug, cup, kylix, oinochoe, krater (lol go for it), whatever – and fill it up. Let’s tip a drink (up, down, or both) in honor of Homer!

Bust of Homer, Roman, AD 100-200, copy of an original dating from 200-100 BC. Source: British Museum

What a great party y’all – thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t miss these and all the other great tweets being posted on the twitter #TroyExhibition thread. Please add your photos, too, if you get a chance to see the exhibit – I’ll be watching enviously and very happy to retweet!

Cheers to everyone – have a very Happy New Year!

Detail from an Attic red-figure Bell krater depicting a symposium. Attributed to the Philocleon Group. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, ANSA IV 910 © KHM-Museumsverband. Source: harvardartmuseums.org



[please note – all of the above photos are copyrighted and are not for commercial use. My deep thanks to all the photographers whose pictures are shared in this post. You’re the life of the party! Don’t miss your gold-filled party favor bag on the table by the door!] 

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  1. Great post, Thank you, dear Kathleen. 🙏💖I wished I could go there and see these all but I think that with the Brexit it’d be not so easy 🙄😁🙃 But anyway, to read your post is a wonderful replacement instead 😉😊 Have a beautiful weekend 🙏💖💖

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